What is Personalized data printing? 

Personalized Data Printing gives your printed material a whole new edge by allowing the mass customization of documents using digital print technology. Instead of targeting thousands of your customers with the same message, you can target each customer with a specific message that is relevant to them. Personalized printed pieces can also be integrated with digital campaigns through the use of personalized URLs (PURLS) to give customers a quick and easy way to respond to your message online. By utilizing databases of customer information, the possibilities for customization and increased response to your campaigns are endless.

What can Personalized data do for my business?

Personalized Data Printing will get your message noticed and drive up response rates and return on investment.  By using personalized data in a campaign, you can double your response rate without doubling your cost.  In addition to personalizing pieces with a customer’s name, personalized print can also be used to produce varied images, colors, and layouts in a document.  Personalized print has been used to produce over 250 variations in a single printed piece, all designed to target the recipient with a message tailored to their needs.  Check out the video below to see how it works!

How does it work?