Marketing in a Changing Industry


Lithexcel Communications Services Provider posted a new blog entry on today. The topic: Marketing in a Changing Industry by company CEO and president, Waleed Ashoo.

The following is a excerpt overview of the article.

Today’s customers are more technology savvy. They are multi-taskers who want business partners that bring fully integrated solutions to the table. They want problem solvers versus print brokers or account executives. Some may want to know how you plan to do it, others just want it done. The common thread: they want it all: A flexible solution that, more often than not, includes customization. They want an open line of communications with their customer. They want the ability to track results. They want to test different scenarios to see which is more effective before making an investment. They want it personalized and interactive. And, they want it now.

Marketing to this group can be a challenge for those individuals used to selling commodity printing. The selling cycle is typically longer and it is build on the foundation of a relationship that is established and then nurtured. Marketing efforts include learning everything possible about the customer’s or potential customer’s business strategy, as well as gathering as much G2 as possible about their customer’s business strategies, competitors and industry issues.

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