LithExcel Supports City of Albuquerque's Urban Forest Project Efforts


Waleed Ashoo, CEO of LithExcel Communication Services Provider announced that the company delivered 100 plus double-sided banners and in-kind services valued at more than $8,100 to the City of Albuquerque in support of the City’s Urban Forest Project. The banners were designed by local artists and printed by LithExcel Communication Services Provider. The banners are hung though out an area downtown bordered on the south by Marquette, on the north by Tijeras, Second St. on the east and Fifth St. on the west.

The banners are printed on recyclable vinyl on the eco-friendly Xerox 8264E™ large format printer. Once the banners are removed, they will be recycled into tote bags and sold. Proceeds from the sale of the bags will go towards planting trees and expanding the urban forest.

The Urban Forest Project Albuquerque is a sustainable urban forest management and energy program adopted by the city in 2006. It is one of the many green initiatives implemented by the

LithExcel Communication Services Provider began its transition to a green company in the late 1980s with the recycling of film used in the printing process and waste paper recycling. In 1993, the move to computer-to-plate, eliminating film altogether. Today, plates used in offset printing are cleaned and recycled. All chemistry used in the development of printing plates is biodegradable and, when feasible, cleaned and reused or recycled. Press solvents are cleaned
and reused or recycled and all reclaimed systems are self-contained.

Each year, 396 to 440 tons of paper is reconstituted as pulp and recycled. The company also offers a recycled “house stock” on both the offset press and digital press and encourages its use. Inks are organic pigments with vegetable and/or linseed oil binders, said Ashoo.

According to Ashoo, who has spent more than 25 years in the print industry and has been at the leading edge of state-of-the art industry movements, “You can measure the level of a company’s commitment to the environment and going “green” by looking at three elements: water, energy and emissions. Their consumption, disposal and recycling of water is a real indicator, especially for companies based in the Southwest. The same holds true for their
consumption of energy. Be wary of those that proclaim zero emissions. Even noted scientists and the World Think Tank, question the zero emissions results touted by companies. They agree that in reality, there is no such thing as total zero-emissions. But, we can and should be doing everything within our power to reduce and minimize our impact on our environment,” said Ashoo.

“That is why we have committed to participate in the City of Albuquerque’s Urban Forest Project. This effort will help rebuild the canopy in our city and improve our overall air quality and reduce energy use.”

LithExcel Communication Services Provider was founded as a commercial printing and mailing company in 1989. Today, the company provides integrated cross media, digital multi-level personalized marketing solutions or a variety of customers in a broad range of industries.